About Us

Little Hugs Photography is a natural light photography, specialized in modern photography of maternity, newborn, kids, and family.


Just like a hug, especially from your little ones, we would love to create images which cheer up your days, delight, warm, and charm.  Images which preserve the warm feeling, love, and precious moments with your loved ones, which you can look back with smile in the future.


How we work?

1. Pre-photo Session
Creating a fun experience, where everyone feels comfortable and enjoying the photo session is one of key factors for us to get the best pictures of you. That’s why we’d love to meet you in person before the session, even before you make the decision to use our service, to share our dream, style, experience, and the way we work, while at the same time we’d love to hear your expectation from the photo session. That way, we expect that we could understand your need better and help you to make you feel more comfortable working with us.

Once you decided to use our service and agreed on the package, we could start to plan the theme, wardrobe, and location to make your dream portraits come true.

2. Photo Session
During the session, there might be sometimes when we will sit quietly and take the picture from distance, so we could capture the expression of you and your family as natural as possible. We believe, the best portrait is not necessarily the one where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling, but the one that shows their true spirit.

Especially for family portrait session, make sure everyone is well rested, and well fed. Relax and enjoy! Children can sense stressful energy and often react against it.  If a child is not feeling well, it's better to reschedule.  A session can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. If the plan is to meet at a park, then make sure to bring snacks, a drink, outfit change and even wet wipes!

3. Post Photo Session

4. Client Proofing


INVITE US and we will be there to help you capturing your precious moments, the laugh, tears, personality and spirit of your loved ones.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at: +62-812-10543-09 or via email at: info@littlehugsphoto.com.
You may also check our portfolio at:   Little Hugs Photography