Children & Family Session

“You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. 
~ Desmond Tutu ~”

If you are looking for a different family portrait experience, not only a formal family portrait, where you come to a photo studio with your family and have your picture taken, but a family portrait session which conducted at your preferred location, where all the family members, especially your children, feel most comfortable and enjoying the session, instead of getting bored, Little Hugs Photography is the answer. Your home, your family favorite bookstore, restaurant or garden will be our studio to capture your precious moments with your family.

We will come to you and capture your special moments with your family. Spend time with you and your family, to get family portraits which able to capture genuine expressions that tell the true stories of your families, family portraits which able to bring back the memories, the love, the laugh, the tears, the giggles of your little ones to you and your family in the future. And at the end, creating a family album, which preserves all of those beautiful memories of a happy family.

Another benefit of inviting Little Hugs Photography to your home, you could involve your big family to join the photo session. We do not limit number of persons involve in your photo sessions in the packages that we offer, but on the duration of the photo session, so bring all your family members and have fun together with us.


Please contact us 1 or 2 weeks before your preferred schedule, so we have enough time to meet and discuss the theme and location. If you don’t have preferred schedule, then we could set the schedule together while discussing the theme and location. Here we could also discuss about the props need to be prepared for the photo session. But the most important objective of our meeting is, to make you feel comfortable with us, especially your children, so by the time we meet for the photo session, we can have fun together.

Please contact us for more information on family portrait session packages and rates.